Versatile DL Precise 

deployed in varied applications

DeepLook’s groundbreaking shape-recognition software has been deployed by three leading healthcare software companies, demonstrating its versatility and range of application.


Barco’s SpotView and DeepLook Medical’s DL Precise combine
to offer a revolutionary new mammography tool for dense breast tissue.

For several years, owners of high-end Barco medical monitors have had SpotView – a breakthrough enhancement and magnification tool particularly useful when reviewing mammograms with hard-to-read dense breast tissue. Now we’re showing SpotView with the power of DL Precise built right in. The combination of the two software devices – seamlessly integrated and driven by simple, fast keystrokes – is the newest tool for mammographers determined to improve cancer screening for the 40 percent of women with dense breast tissue.


With ease, SpotView/DL Precise can scan the bright white areas of high density in a mammogram and display contouring through contrasting color. The operator can pause on an area of interest and with one click DL Precise instantly segments and measures the suspicious finding. If warranted, the display results can be saved and sent to colleagues for further evaluation.

The SpotView/DL Precise integration also can be tied directly to DeepLook’s phenotype database for mammography – a database of breast cancer morphology offered today for research purposes only. The database will grow with increased use and DeepLook expects to secure FDA clearance in 2023 for phenotype matching and reports. The reports will be used as a decision-support tool, ushering in a new era for screening dense breast tissue in 2D and 3D mammography.

Come see the combined SpotView/DL Precise utility in Booth #1337 at  RSNA 2022.


DeepLook’s segmentation and measurement tool also has been integrated into the powerful
Artery medical imaging platform. With a single click, an operator can zero in on an area of
interest and instantly segment and measure a target object using DL Precise, DeepLook’s FDA-
cleared core utility.

Consistent and rapid segmentation is now one click away with Arterys. A live demonstration
across several modalities is available at RSNA 2022, at the Arterys booth #4719.


From the outset, DeepLook’s technology was designed to be deployed across all common
imaging modalities. It provides consistent segmentation, measurement and vivid
morphological display instantly available – throughout the treatment pathway.

That’s why we’ve focused on a full integration with FlexView, a zero-footprint, web-based DICOM viewer platform that will seamlessly allow all providers access to the same images with consistent data. DL Precise is rendered client-side with zero latency and the FlexView morphs to fit any workflow or modality – all with the consistency of DL Precise. The data and imaging annotations can be saved and distributed through FlexView’s datasource API integrated with all three of the major cloud storage providers.

At RSNA 2022, see a FlexView demo at the Radical Imaging booth #5135.