Future Products


The Power of DeepLookTM

Future DeepLookTM products will be powered by the same shape-recognition software we’ve developed over 20 years and now optimized for medical imaging. This novel approach delineates shapes deep in digital imaging. It’s not constrained by the shortcomings of conventional edge detection and doesn’t rely on AI/machine learning trained on limited sets of data. As a result, our technology can be used with any digital medical image, regardless of modality – including mammography, ultrasound, CT scans, and MRI.

Moreover, the shape-recognition technology core of DeepLookTM processes will be a key to the generation of powerful radiomic data. Our future products will identify unique morphological characteristics, creating revolutionary digital biomarkers to identify pathologies or track therapeutic responses.

These radiomic biomarkers are interrelated variables that are generated and displayed instantly in real-time. Future products will also include structured reports offering histograms generated from the radiomic data which can be used for reference and comparison.

Rapid development of the suite of radiomic products – for numerous modalities and body organs – will follow as clinical trials are completed and additional FDA clearances secured.

The core technology is already built into DL PreciseTM. So, DeepLookTM customers will be able to easily upgrade as these important features become available – no significant integration necessary. That means low deployment costs for a continuous series of revolutionary products for their customers.

Among our upcoming products:

DL RevealTM

a tool to see into dense breast tissue

Nearly half of all women have dense breast tissue that can mask cancer on mammograms. DL RevealTM software displays underlying tissue morphology, even when hidden beyond the range of human vision. Projected for late 2021 release, DL RevealTM will allow radiologists to visually evaluate suspicious areas in dense tissue that today often go unseen or are misdiagnosed. And the radiomic data and reports described above will further support decision-making and diagnosis.

With a single click, it highlights in vivid color the contours and margins of a mass obscured by dense tissue; then, DL PreciseTM software can automatically measure the mass for comparison and monitoring. Together, they’ll provide a valuable decision-support tool for radiologists and a new consultation resource for clinicians addressing the growing concerns of women with dense breast tissue.


DL RevealTM displays invasive cancer in dense tissue mammogram

DL DisplayTM

a tool to see into the AI “Black Box”
Our upcoming DL DisplayTM product will provide the first visual confirmation tool for “mark and score” AI systems that seek to identify suspicious areas on medical images and rate the probability of the presence of cancer. Faced with an AI heatmap or bounding box/circle notation, DL DisplayTM software will reveal the underlying morphology that triggered the AI or Machine Learning finding – allowing radiologists to finally see into the “black box” of AI. The malignancy score can be compared against the set of digital biomarkers offered by DeepLookTM radiomics – and all of it compared to visual display, a paradigmatic shift in image interpretation.


The mammogram (Image 1, AI view) illustrates an AI algorithm’s “mark and score” display: it uses a circle to designate a suspicious area and estimates the probability of cancer at 62 percent. But the mass in the area remains obscured, preventing visual confirmation of the rationale for that score.

The suspicious area is then seen up close (Image 2, DeepLookTM view): with one click, DL DisplayTM outlines the shape and reveals interior characteristics of the tumor. The vivid color contrast indicates a dense core (the bright red center) and the yellow margin shows craggy edges reflecting spiculation – both indicative of malignancy. DL PreciseTM technology has also been applied to measure the suspicious mass, facilitating monitoring and treatment decision-making.

Release of the DL DisplayTM product is expected in Q1 of 2022. As AI “mark and score” software is adopted more widely, retrospective studies and clinical pilots will confirm the correlation between DL DisplayTM reports and AI findings.


Image 1, AI view - AI's "mark and score" display uses a circle to designate a suspicious area and estimates the probability of cancer at 62%

Image 2, DeepLookTM view - DL DisplayTM outlines the shape and reveals interior characteristics of the tumor