About Us

Our team deploys diverse professional experience with a single-minded focus: leverage our shape-recognition software to create practical tools that streamline radiologists’ workflow, ensure precision and scalability, and directly improve patient care.

When we learned that clinicians struggle with the tedious task of manual measurement of suspected masses, we developed DL PreciseTM, the industry’s first truly automated measurement tool – yielding precision with a single click.

For years, we’ve engaged with women’s health advocates concerned with the challenges posed by dense breast tissue. That guided our development of DL RevealTM, an image evaluation tool for breast imaging that uses contouring and colorization to reveal masses beyond the range of human vision, even in the densest tissue.


As a software company, we’re enthusiastic about the potential of AI for radiology. But experience has taught us to be leery of claims that software can replace the critical judgment of physicians. Medicine is a long way from unaided computer diagnosis; physicians need to see what’s behind AI’s “black box.” That’s why we’re developing DL DisplayTM to vividly highlight the tissue morphology appraised by AI-generated data.  The goal: a tool for real-time visual assessment of AI findings.

These products are possible because we’ve mastered our unique image analysis technology which we successfully developed and have used in other industries for nearly 20 years. As a team, we’ve learned to leverage its unique methodology for discrete applications – and to seamlessly integrate our tools into existing IT platforms, speeding adoption and assuring scalability.


Our visualization tools will revolutionize radiology for cancer screening,
diagnosis and treatment. It’s a conviction guided by the age-old adage:

Seeing is Believing.