About Us

Since forming DeepLook in 2019, the founders focused relentlessly on perfecting DeepLook technology for medical imaging. The company secured broad software patent protection and FDA clearance of its first product, DL Precise.

Now poised for rapid commercialization across the healthcare industry, the founders have recruited a veteran senior management team, each with decades of medtech and imaging experience. The new team will fuel rapid adoption through strategic partnerships with the many long-standing relationships they enjoy.




Marissa Fayer, CEO

Marissa Fayer is a former Hologic executive and a national voice for women’s health equity.   At Hologic, Marissa helped develop the first tomosynthesis mammography system.  She also has deep experience in industry operations and philanthropic innovation. Ms. Fayer is founder and CEO of the non-profit social enterprise, HERHealthEQ, which reduces female mortality in developing nations by distributing NCD-focused medical device equipment.  Previously, Marissa served as an executive at Olympus (formerly ACMI), Maquet-Getting (formerly Atrium Medical), Providien Medical, and Accumed Innovative Technologies. In consulting positions, she facilitated several successful acquisition integrations that grew one company to over $2B, advised on 12 mergers and acquisitions, and grew another business by $64M in one year.  Marissa is a TEDx Speaker (2019 at TEDxLugano) and was honored as one of the Top 100 Women in Medtech in 2018, awarded the 2018/9 Africa Development Award, named to Wonder Women of Medtech in 2017, and is a keynote speaker on women’s health and social innovation. Marissa graduated from Boston University with a BS in Manufacturing Engineering and holds an MBA from the University of Connecticut.

Rob Lewis, EVP of Engineering

Rob has been innovating in medical imaging for over 30 years in academic, clinical and commercial settings. After completing his BS in computer science from SUNY Buffalo, he developed software for academic neuro-imaging research at Johns Hopkins School of Medicine and New England Medical Center. He co-founded the 3D Imaging Service at Massachusetts General Hospital with a focus on translational research – and then embarked on commercial software engineering, with high-impact roles in DICOM and PACS development. In 2012, he founded Radical Imaging, to deliver custom medical imaging workflow solutions using open- source tools.


Ven Thangaraj, EVP for Pharma & Research

Venkatesan Thangaraj founded Radiant Sage Ventures to disrupt pharmaceutical R&D utilizing the Cloud for an all-in-one platform to manage the use of medical images in clinical trials and research. Radiant Sage’s purpose-built platform aims to automate much of the imaging processes utilizing AI/ML to streamline workflow in over 150 trials (over 100M images) in a wide variety of therapeutic areas and modalities. Previously, Ven co-founded and exited a venture-funded Electronic Data Capture product company in the pharma tech space. Ven has degrees in BioMedical Engineering and Mechanical Engineering – and has also founded companies in medical imaging processing and eCommerce.

David Dahn, CFO

David is a 30-year finance professional focused on supporting early-stage innovation in finance, operations, legal, tax, valuation, structuring, capital markets, and buy and sell side initiatives – domestically and internationally. David received his Masters in Taxation from Bentley College and his CPA license in New Hampshire. His career has spanned public accounting, public company executive positions in high tech, manufacturing, and banking, and recently as a consultant focused on clients of all sizes in health tech, therapeutics, medical devices, financial markets, food, private equity, and technology. David is a published author and frequent lecturer.




Ken Boulange, CTO

Based in northern California, Ken has over 25 years of experience in senior software development and implementation across multiple industries. He’s specialized in digital graphics and imaging analysis for the gaming, graphics, and photo-production industries and has led the global integration of complex gaming systems. Throughout those years, he developed his own shape-search technology that was first applied to track trademark infringements. That core technology has now been patented for medical imaging. When not deep in marathon coding sessions, Ken can be found wake-surfing the headwaters of San Francisco Bay.

Greg Belanger, CSO

Greg develops DeepLook’s strategic vision and leads its business development outreach. Previously, he founded a series of other successful high-tech start-ups and international non-profits. This followed 15 years as a news reporter and journalism professor, earning a law degree along the way. With his brother, Ken, he co-founded DeepLook using the same core technology to search the Internet for trademark infringement. Greg lives in Connecticut and can often be seen sailing single-handed throughout Long Island Sound.


Steve Schwadron, External Relations Officer

Steve served over 25 years as a congressional chief of staff, guiding businesses to navigate the Washington policy maze. He leads DeepLook’s regulatory initiatives, advocacy outreach, and investor relations – and keeps the company’s trains running on schedule. An attorney and former newspaper reporter, he previously collaborated with fellow co-founder, Greg, on other ambitious projects, including public diplomacy initiatives in Cuba. Steve is also an accomplished violinist, active in numerous community orchestras and chamber ensembles.