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DL Precise™

FDA-Cleared Advanced Image Augmentation Technology

DL Precise™ is a groundbreaking shape-recognition software that significantly improves accuracy and efficiency in medical imaging. DL Precise™  works directly on image display for versatility across image acquisition devices or modalities.

Laptop render of DL Precise
DeepLook Medical's Patented
Shape-Recognition Technology

DeepLook Medical developed DL Precise™  to empower radiologists with a cutting-edge software tool to improve the visualization and efficiency of medical imaging, even in dense breast tissue. Throughout the imaging pathway, DeepLook software tools are developing to have the potential to improve early detection, enable informed diagnosis and treatment decisions, and improve clinician workflows.

By working hand-in-hand with clinicians, DeepLook visualizes better cancer care for all patients.

DeepLook Postcard (1).png
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