Precision Matters

Every day, radiologists and technicians struggle with the time-draining challenge of manually measuring suspicious masses in mammograms, CT scans and ultrasound images.

Precise measurements are crucial to accurately characterize tumors for treatment plans, as well as to assess the growth rate over time, or tumor shrinkage in response to therapy. However, manual mouse-driven measurements are recognized as imprecise and may even compromise patient care.

An accurate, automated measurement tool has never been available - until now. The FDA has granted 510(k) clearance for DL PreciseTM, our one-click tool to automate segmentation and measurement of suspicious objects in all imaging modalities.

With FDA clearance, physicians and technologists can leave the tedium of manual segmentation and measurement behind. IT vendors and PACS companies can easily embed DL PreciseTM in any clinical viewing application.

  • Mammogram showing mass without DL PreciseTM

  • Mammogram showing mass with DL PreciseTM
    One click - measured instantly, border defined, size calculated

  • CT scan of liver mass without DL PreciseTM

  • CT scan of liver mass with DL PreciseTM
    One click - measured instantly, border defined, size calculated

  • Ultrasound of breast mass without DL PreciseTM

  • Ultrasound of breast mass with DL PreciseTM
    One click - measured instantly, border defined, size calculated


DL PreciseTM

One click / Precision

DeepLook’s new DL PreciseTM tool solves this challenge:

  • Automatically generates precise, accurate measurements with just one click
  • Plug-in software runs on all workstations
  • Simple training allows the software to be mastered in minutes

DL PreciseTM saves time and ensures consistent, reliable measurement across all imaging modes – from screening to diagnosis to treatment. After one click with DL PreciseTM, physicians will never willingly return to manual measurement.

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    A typical CT scan can have numerous masses or lesions to manually measure and save. Multiply by 50 scans to review every day and that adds real time and fatigue to my workload … and there are always more measurements to do. That keeps me from my real work of interpreting images.

    Bruce Wolf, DO – Diagnostic Radiologist, Michigan State University
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    Measurement is at the heart of interpreting imaging studies. DeepLook provides a simple, rapid, reproducible and – most importantly – accurate way to streamline this otherwise tedious and time-consuming process.

    Samuel Friedman, MD – Radiologist & Nuclear Medicine Specialist, Columbia, SC
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    One-click automatic measurement will increase efficiency and productivity every day. We’ve been waiting years for someone to solve this problem!

    Diella Mrnaci, RT – Director of Radiology, Mount Sinai Health, New York City


DL PreciseTM is:


With a single click, DL PreciseTM instantly displays long- and short-axis dimensions and calculates the area of the mass. It can also transfer data into DICOM files with a keystroke — no dictation or manual entry of measurements required.


Automated measurement with DL PreciseTM eliminates intra- and inter-reader variability. Measurements can be applied instantly to prior images as well, allowing for accurate retrospective analysis.


DL PreciseTM is a simple plug-in tool for any viewer. It runs in the background while embedded directly in an image-acquisition or specialty radiology workstation. Training is simple with mastery of the software in minutes.


DL PreciseTM is designed to work with existing workstations. It is available through OEMs, PACS or viewing workstation vendors.

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Suite of Imaging Tools

DL PreciseTM is the first in a suite of imaging tools under development by DeepLookTM, a pioneering medical software company founded in 2019 with image analysis technology developed over 20 years in other industries.

These tools leverage DeepLook’s core technology to display and define shapes buried in digital images, revealing subtle distinctions often beyond the range of human vision.

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Our Mission

To leverage our shape-recognition technology to build medical imaging tools that streamline workflow, improve accuracy, and enhance decision support, while lowering the overall cost of imaging.