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Enhancing Medical Imaging with Revolutionary Software

We envision a future where data-driven imaging enables accurate,
efficient and personalized care across the entire treatment pathway.

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1 in 8

women will develop breast cancer


leading cause of cancer death in women

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About 50%

of cancers in dense breasts are missed on mammograms


of women have dense breasts and are at higher risk for breast cancer

DeepLook Medical is your ally for
Trusted Across the Treatment Pathway

Consistent, accurate, efficient performance  across all common imaging modalities 

Data-Driven Workflow Enhancements

One-click measurements and segmentation for a region of interest

Clarity Through Color
Shape recognition technology enhances vivid morphology by displaying contouring through contrasting color

From initial screening and diagnosis through treatment, recovery and monitoring, our software provides one-click consistency and a vivid display of tumor morphology to help ensure the highest standard of care.

DL Precise  is embedded within leading, innovative medical imaging

DeepLook Medical partners with innovators in medical imaging with the latest in image display technology, innovative AI platforms and Cloud-enabled image viewers. FDA-cleared DL Precise automates segmentation and measurement with unprecedented precision in multiple imaging modalities (Ultrasound, Mammography, CT, MRI) – all with a single click. 

Join us in our mission to bring clarity to healthcare providers and confidence to patients.

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The missing piece for

superior image interpretation

DL Precise™  is the first multimodal deep analytics imaging software tool designed for radiologists to take a deeper look at every stage of the treatment pathway

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"We’re excited to introduce new partnerships and product updates that will support physicians in delivering personalized, data-driven patient care.“

John Axerio-Cilies

'DL Precise™ addresses significant unmet needs in medical imaging, rapid and accurate lesion segmentation, measurement, and visualization... this tool offers a new layer of confidence to breast radiologists.'

Dirk Feyants
Executive Vice President, BARCO

"I’ve reviewed thousands of mammograms — and it’s mind-blowing there’s software that can instantly visualize breast data that the human eye can’t see."

Diella Mrnaci,
Scientific Advisor

Visualizing Better Healthcare

We are committed to a healthcare future where data-driven imaging is shared seamlessly with providers across the entire treatment pathway.

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