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Cervical Cancer Initiative in Costa Rica

HERhealthEQ, the social-enterprise nonprofit founded by DeepLook CEO Marissa Fayer, soon will launch an expanded partnership with Lutech Industries, Inc. to provide 100 innovative colposcope devices to improve diagnosis of cervical cancer in 10 medically-underserved nations. Cervical cancer is the fourth most frequent cancer in women worldwide. Through this initiative, over 450,000 women will gain access to the digital video colposcopes which detect cervical cancer.

The collaboration, launched today in Costa Rica, was underwritten by Hologic, the world’s largest manufacturer of women’s health equipment. Nearly ten years ago, HERhealthEQ was formed when Fayer, then working at Hologic, learned that the number of mammograms performed at a Costa Rica hospital had declined sharply because of faulty old machinery. She created a series of partnerships to secure the donation of mammography equipment from Hologic, along with a multi-year service agreement. This has since served as the nonprofit’s business model. It reflects the importance of gender health equity – and the imperative to deliver digital preventive care directly to consumers. Read more here.


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