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UK Regulatory Approval for DL Precise™ Software

New Haven, CT - March 6,  2024: DeepLook Medical, a Connecticut-based technology firm, focused on visual enhancement technology to advance medical imaging, proudly announces that its FDA-cleared flagship product, DL Precise™, has received clearance for use in the United Kingdom (UK).

DL Precise™, an innovative visual enhancement software, unveils hidden data through its advanced shape-recognition technique, vividly presenting segmented and measured target masses with unparalleled speed, accuracy, and uniformity. 

"We are thrilled to announce the UK regulatory clearance for DL Precise™," said Marissa Fayer, CEO of DeepLook Medical. "This clearance validates the transformative potential of our software in enhancing workflow efficiency and improving reporting precision for healthcare providers across the UK."

DL Precise™'s innovative features include one-click activation, which streamlines the segmentation process and eliminates the need for complex manual setup. The software instantly renders segmentation by contouring an object's margins and measures long and short dimension axes, area, and estimated volume. Users retain full control and can modify automated measurements as needed, ensuring flexibility and accuracy.

"DL Precise™ represents a paradigm shift in medical imaging technology," said Dr. Charlotte Moser, Chief Medical Officer of DeepLook Medical. "By providing consistent, accurate measurements across all imaging modalities, DL Precise™ empowers radiologists to make informed decisions with confidence, ultimately enhancing patient care."

DeepLook's patented technology, upon which DL Precise™ is built, lays the foundation for future products that will leverage radiomic data to offer key metrics and enhance AI/machine learning applications in medical imaging. DL Precise™'s universal utility extends to mammography, ultrasound, CT, and MRI, making it a versatile solution for various clinical and research settings.

Through DeepLook’s partnership with Barco, DeepLook’s technology will be available for use across the UK to offer women with dense breasts heightened accuracy and expanded access.

For more information about DL Precise™ and DeepLook, Inc.'s innovative medical imaging solutions, please visit 


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