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DeepLook Medical Secures 2nd Patent

On April 16, 2024 DeepLook Medical was issued their second patent

This new patent protects the unique radiomic data derived from the use of DL Precise™

on digital imaging. DeepLook Medical has developed methods to leverage the data to

isolate and display “underlying morphology of masses previously obscured, hidden or

masked from human vision.” Because of this, radiomic data is being used to identify,

isolate, and analyze distinct biomarkers in digital medical images, particularly in


“We are excited to have been granted patent protection on the exciting work with the

unique data that DL Precise generates,” said DeepLook Medical’s CEO, Marissa Fayer.

DeepLook Medical’s original patent protects the unique method our shape-recognition

software that distinguishes gradient distinctions in digital medical images – allowing for

segmentation and consistent measurements produced by its current FDA-cleared

product DL Precise™.

“This augments our already powerful capability to reliably segment and display,” Fayer


“It also makes possible our forthcoming new products, which will combine the core

process of segmentation, Radiomics and AI generated analysis to produce a powerful

decision-support package for radiologists,” Fayer said. “It’s a paradigm shift in decision-

support technologies – especially for breast imaging,“ Fayer said.


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